Asana Rebel Saved More than $60K On SaaS Within Their First Six Months With Sastrify

Megan McDonough
Head of Content Marketing

When global healthy lifestyle app Asana Rebel needed a solution for their SaaS procurement, renewal negotiation and management, and savings needs, they turned to Sastrify. With Sastrify, they were able to easily upload all tool contracts and invoices in one place and immediately have full transparency of their SaaS spend. Having a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to Sastrify’s team of procurement specialists resulted in five figure savings within their first six months as a customer.

total savings with Sastrify
savings on primary digital experience platform
20 hours
average time saved per major negotiation

Results at a Glance

Before Sastrify, the Asana Rebel team struggled with knowing whether they were getting the best deal on their SaaS tools. Without pricing benchmarks and a dedicated procurement professional on their team, they were missing out on significant SaaS savings. Through Sastrify, Asana Rebel saved upwards of $60K within six months, including a $39K savings on their main digital experience platform.


Asana Rebel

Founded in 2015, Asana Rebel is the healthy lifestyle app for anyone who wants to get in shape, have more energy, sleep better, and increase their productivity. The Yoga-inspired fitness app combines the best of Yoga and fitness and is available in six languages. Asana Rebel has been featured multiple times by Apple and Google and is rated as one of the top health and fitness apps.

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Some of

Asana Rebel

's favourite Sastrify features

“I quickly saw how much we benefited from having Sastrify as our SaaS procurement partner. We are alerted well in advance of any upcoming renewals, and this gives us time to work with our internal team as well as our dedicated Sastrify Customer Success Manager to ensure we’re getting the best deals possible, including more than five figures of savings within our first six months as a Sastrify customer.”

Asana Rebel Co-Founder, Pascal Klein.

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